Reasons to explore South Africa by road

travel South Africatravel South Africa
travel South Africatravel South Africa


Reasons to explore South Africa by road

The festive season is coming up and you may be considering hopping on a plane and exploring other countries or even other continents. And that’s a great plan. But before you book your tickets, consider whether you’ve already seen enough of your own country? And this doesn’t just mean the big cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town. This means making your way through all the quaint seaside villages and arty little towns just off the beaten track as you make your way to your backpackers for the night. If you haven’t done this, maybe you should think about exploring your own country before you move on the to the rest of the world.

Of course, the best way to travel the country is by car. You’ll miss so much just by flying over all the wonders this land has to offer. Seaside villages don’t have airports, after all. And you don’t want to rent a vehicle. However, if you don’t have a car and have been thinking about getting one, now is definitely the time to look at used cars in Gauteng, Cape Town or Durban. What better way to start your journey with your new car than with a, well, journey. And because it was thoroughly checked out by a mechanic when you bought it, you can skip the pre-roadtrip inspection. It’s a win-win situation!

If you need any further convincing as to why you should forget flying and hit the South African roads, here are some good reasons to do it.


You’re more likely to find a travel partner… or three

When you’re booking a trip overseas, you may struggle to find a friend to go with you. They may not have enough cash to fund everything a Eurotrip requires. Or maybe they’ve been to Vietnam and don’t want to do a repeat trip. Also, maybe there’s just not enough time for them to organise a new passport and get their visa situation sorted as well. At the end of the day, you may end up travelling alone. Which can be fun, but it’s not ideal when it comes to the festive season. You want to celebrate with at least one person whose company you enjoy.

Which is why roadtripping is such a great idea. You don’t need a passport or visa, it’s likely to be cheaper than a Eurotrip and you can always find ways to spend less for more when you’re on the road in South Africa. When you choose to travel by car, you’re more likely to have people wanting to join you. Just make sure you don’t open up the invitation to too many people. There’s only so much space in your car and you’ll all have luggage.


Every stop along the way is a destination

Many might say that a roadtrip is about the journey and not the destination. However, that’s not entirely true. When you’re roadtripping, every stop along the way – whether it’s a pitstop for lunch and petrol or to spend the night at a cool backpackers you came across – is a destination. Just because you haven’t planned every place where you’ll turn off your engine, that doesn’t mean it’s not where you’re meant to be. And the great part about a roadtrip is that there is no final destination. Even returning home is all part of the fun.


You’ll discover places you didn’t even know existed

There are some places worth seeing that aren’t along the routes advertised in travel guides. There are dorpies with more charm than you could possibly imagine. Seaside secret towns where the locals are more than welcoming. And middle-of-nowhere treasures where you’ll find the best boerie roll you’ve ever tasted.

Roadtripping is all about discovery. So, make sure that even if you plan your general route, you leave room to explore. There may be places you’re dying to visit, but allow time to find all the places you haven’t yet heard of.


And meet people from all walks of life

South Africa is a large place and in all different areas, you will meet so many different people. From those who make up the small artsy towns to those running small businesses in the middle of the bush. Travelling through this large country will no doubt take you out of your comfort zone and introduce you to some seriously unique characters. People who you will remember for years to come.  


Even getting lost can be fun

When travelling in a foreign country, one of the biggest issues is the likelihood of getting lost. In SA, you’ll always be able to find yourself back to where you want to be. But in the process, you’ll find so many interesting places and have some really cool experiences.


When it comes to travelling, nothing beats the open road. So, this festive season, pack your car and get into gear for a fun adventure.


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